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Periodic table

We still go on speaking about chemestry, for they really are interested in science and some of them keep on saying that when they grow up they want to be like Marie Currie and work in a lab. M This is the case of Mariana five years old. Since the day that we had a chemestry lab in our classroom she keep on saying that she will work in a lab to find new medicine for people.
In order to make us know a little bit more about chemestry, Professor Carlos Borges send ud lots of materials and experiences that we could do in our classroom. He alsospeak about the "Periodic Table" A substance organizer that classifies substances by there phisics and Chemestry properties. So, since that day, and with the help of the parents, we begin to be more attentive to the subject and look for specials periodic tables. And, belive it or not, we found some. One of them we find in the entrance of the building of Chemestry in the university of Lisbon. It is a giant periodic table. Do you want to see it?
Onother one was made in Australia, by a group of artists and was sent  by a Dear friend of us, Drª Teresa Pombo. Here it is. Amazing, isn´t it?
As soon as we find onother we will share it with you!
See you soon
Maria and little stars

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