środa, 23 lutego 2011

Water III - Measuring the rain

As the rain never stoped and it was too cold, it was not possible to go outside to experiment thr shapes of the water, we decided to measure the rain, as if we had an hygrometer. So, we put a box outside to catch the rain, for four consecutive days. Then we count the number of cups that rained each day, we register them in a paper and we made a grafic.
Here is our work...

wtorek, 15 lutego 2011

logo of the project

We have some propositions of logo for our project. Wchich one do You like? Maybe You have some other suggestions?

poniedziałek, 14 lutego 2011

Water II - Water states

Water is still in the order of the daily work. They really enjoy to make experiences and  look for conclusions.
This time we try to learn the states of water. So we hear and work a poem from a Portuguese poet, Papiliano Carlos, "Little miss water drop", that speak about the trip of a small drop of water, since she fallow from the cloud where she lived, until she went back into the sky again.
 We also saw a small video about the water cicle.

Finely we made some experiences about water in liquid, solid and gasous state.
And we made a little video about all the work. Do you want to see it? So here it is...

piątek, 11 lutego 2011

News from Poland

It is time for us to show how we worked last days.We made experiments with water too. It was really great fun and good lesson:

niedziela, 6 lutego 2011

Water... The first experiences!

We have made some experiences with water. We try to find the properties of the water.
First we taste the water. It has no taste. It also does not has any smell or color.
Then we mix some salt. We mix it and it desapear. We learn that it melted in the water. We taste again and it was salty. We have done the same with sugar and the water became sweet. We also mixed some lemon juice and it became bitter. We joint some sugar and it became lemonade. Mnham, mnham... It was delicious.
Then we mix some liquid caramel and some red paint for food, and the water became brown and red.
So we could conclude that: Water has no taste, no smell and no color.
Salt and suger can solv in water.
Water gets the color of the ingridients that you mix in it.
We enjoy very much to do this experience, for we have learn a lot of new things about water!!!
Do you want to see what we have learn?