sobota, 26 marca 2011

Geometry, line, color and art

We continue to grapple with the color, shape, geometry, and little by little we are discovering the art and working concepts.
What we found:
  - Straight lines - are too perfectly straight and can be of many sizes. (Matilde Q.)
  - Curved lines are straight lines that go all the laps. (Hugo)

  -A spiral is a straigth line giving lots of curves. (Gonçalo)

If the lines were real people, new people were straight lines,  old people were curved lines and the babies were oval. (Diogo)
  - Lines are everywhere (Ricardo)
  - The lines are for writing and drawing. (Daisy)

And from the line, geometry, form and color we made...

środa, 23 marca 2011

Spring in Portugal...

Here in Portugal we do not make a big celebration as you do. I think that next year we will built a "Marzanna" to put in our garden. Here We use to do the "maias" to the first of May. When it arrives we will present it to you.
For sometime now we had pay atention to all signes that surround us, that show  that spring was comming. Do you want to see how it was?

Temperature is growing up (20 degreees today), and flowers are all arround. Some poeple begin to go to the beach to get some sun, and we pass lots of time playing outside. Happy times begin now!

wtorek, 22 marca 2011

First day of spring in Poland

One day we took many materials and created a big doll .

In Poland this is a simbol of spring coming and we call it Marzanna.
At 21 march- first day of spring we went to the center of our town. We met there many kids from other kindergartens. They had their Marzannas too.
We were singing songs about spring and says " go away winter"
We went for the meetring to the president of our town.
If You want to see it You can try here:

P.S . And today we have "International Day of Water" :)

niedziela, 13 marca 2011

Water fountain at the class

We made our own fountain. We like to watch it.
Destcription of this experiment You can find here:
And now lets look how we did it:

Now we are using it as a water clock :)

sobota, 12 marca 2011

Carnival in Valejas...

Carnival in Portugal is an old tradition.
We use to celebrate it in the 5 days before the lent.
During those days we eat fat meet boiled with vegetables, fried sweets, and all kind of fat food, for the next 40 days of lent we will eat only thin aliments. We also use to make treats to friends. On Sunday afternoon and night, all the village people, use to "assault" one of the village families. Young people from the village went to one house and made the "robbery". They celebrate together eating all that they can.
Until Tuesday people enjoy themselves playing, and walking around the village. On Tuesday night, we use to buried the carnival, and during the funeral people did not speak or laugh. We use it to make the entrance of the lent.
In our school we also enjoy the Carnival.
This year, as the sun was shining, we all made a parade in the village. It was really fun. Do you want to see how it was?
We hope you enjoy it so much as we did...

poniedziałek, 7 marca 2011