poniedziałek, 7 listopada 2011

Good news and...

Today is a great day for Poland, for Chemestry and for our project. It is the 144 aniversary of our friend and model Marrie Currie.
Tanti auguri!
Joyese aniversaire!
Felices cumpleanos!...

And , as always, Google did not forget it and today is front page takes a picture of her. Look!

Thank you google for reminding our menthor!

piątek, 2 września 2011

International Chemestry Year

In order to celebrate the international Chemestry Year, the Department of Chemestry and Biochemestry of Lisbon University, organised with Quorum Ballet, a special cultural and artistic moment called "substances". Enjoy it with us!

So, did you like it?

Marrie Currie House in Warsow

"Marie Sklodowska as a child", draw by Patrícia Marques, 5 years old, from St Bennedict Kindergarten - Portugal

Warsow, the home town of Marie Currie

Marie Sklodwska street and house in Warsow

Marie Sklodowska Currie´s house, in Warsow. Is a museum today!

sobota, 18 czerwca 2011

We are equal,we are different...

In order to celebrate the tolerance day, and after meet some friends that are a little bit diferent, we read a book "Black book of colours", that show us how it was the world without vision, if we could not see, and we made a new activity. We hide our eyes and...
Here is our activity...

czwartek, 16 czerwca 2011

Center of the porugal language

We wanted to make a suprice for You and sing to You a song in Your language during our videoconference . For this we went for the Univerity of Maria Curie Skłodowska to the Centre of portugal language. We learn there couple sentences in your language . We met a student from Portugal and he teach us a song "tiru liru lo "

Here You can se some photos :

and here is how we were singing:

It is a very funny song but really difficoult for us.
We hope that some day we will sing it together ;)

piątek, 10 czerwca 2011

Scientists for a day...

For a day, students from Lisbon University came to our kindergarten to speak about the importance of chemestry in our life, and to help us to make some experiences and now...
...some of us fall in love for the work and  want  to be a chemestry cientist like Marie Currie, when  we  will grow up!

poniedziałek, 30 maja 2011


We also begin talking about earth...
Here is what we have spoke and done...
We hope you like it!
Have a nice day tomorrow.

sobota, 28 maja 2011

Experiencing at same time, in direct and 400 km away...

Making use of some resouses and new tools that ICT give us, and  as both classes are working the same theme "International chemestry Year" the children from St. Benedict Kindergarden in Lisbon and the children of  a kindergarten in the north of the country, 400 km away from us, share an experiment by videoconference, using skype.
Now we are looking foward to meet you!

niedziela, 15 maja 2011

"growing up"-observing a miracle

This plant is very delicious to salads. Kids like it with bun, butter and salt .

Enjoy Your meal ;)

We called it rzeżucha. (It is very difficould word). In english it is watercress.

Do you know this plant in Portugal?

wtorek, 10 maja 2011


We started experiments with the ground

Our favourite is planting. We like sow and water plants and looking how it grows.

We will have many plants to our garden :)

piątek, 6 maja 2011

how to make a crystal

We tryed to make our own crystals.
At first we put water to the glass.
Than we put more salt and melt it in the water.
Next we put a wooden stick at the top of the glass and put a small rope at the stick and inside the water.

We had to wait for couple days and look what we get:

We wanted to make also crystals with the sugar but it didn't grow up at our class :)

Europe´s day

Yesterday it was the 5th May - Europe´s day, so we think and speak a lot about you. We really wanted to prepare a special gift to you... But what? while we were discusting we found somethink in you tube that I think you will like, and understand very well. Were it is for you!

This is a portuguese song that we really like...
And now... specially for you...


środa, 4 maja 2011

Water... The last experiences.

We are finishing the water expiriences...
To close the subject we did three more experiments. In the first one we had to explain why fish do not sink, the second one was to understand the air pressure and the third one is... Surprise!
We hope you like and understand them... and,...
These are not chemestry experiments, but they are phisics experiments... Why?
We will explain to you, sonner, OK?

poniedziałek, 25 kwietnia 2011

Water IV - Floating and measuring

Hello friends
How are you?
We are well, and tomorrow we return back to school, after Easter. This week is a busy week for us, for we have mother day next week-end. So we are not abble to work in the project this week. We will begin the trip to the earth next week. But we still have some water expiriences to post so we are going to do it. We will post two expiriences today, and other two tomorrow. But this are not chemestry expiriences. These are phisics expiriences. Do you know why? We will tell you the answerd in the end of the week because we shall do a chemestry present to our mum´s.
The first expirience is about floating. What do people mean when they say that it floats?
Do you want to see?
We conclude that:
An object floats in the water if it does not go to the bottom.
The flutuation on the water depends on the objects.
Objects with identical shapes and sizes may float or not.

The second expirience was about measuring the water.
We conclude that:
Water was no shape. It adapts to the shape of the container.
The same amount of water can take diferents heigths, depending on the countaired that is placed.
When we change the water from a countainer to another, the amount does not change.

poniedziałek, 18 kwietnia 2011

New challenge...

Can you explain me the diference between phisics and chemestry?

Recepy to do an Easter rabbit from a square towel...

To make an easter rabbit we need:
A square towel
Two buttons from one color
A button from a diferent color
Some straw to make bunny whiskers
Two round elastic.

1 - Scrolls the towel from one of the vertices to the opposite vertex.

2,3 - Put one of the elastic at the base of the ears to form the head and the other at the base of the head to form the belly.

4 -  glue the eyes and nose and whiskers
5 - Put an Easter egg in the belly.
Here it is...


Did you undestand how to do it?
Have a nice Easter

niedziela, 17 kwietnia 2011

It is not scientific, but it was really magic! Our Easter...

Last friday we had a very good surprise. When, during the morning Hugo went to the computer to open the daily mail, He found a message from the Easter bunny saying that, during the nigth, we passed in our kindergarten, and he left hidden in the garden some easter egs for us. We were really happy with the new and we went into the garden to look for them...

niedziela, 10 kwietnia 2011

Where does the water in the crop come from?

Some time ago we were at the trip to the place where water is pourified.We could see how many persons and machines should work to deliver water to our houses.

sobota, 26 marca 2011

Geometry, line, color and art

We continue to grapple with the color, shape, geometry, and little by little we are discovering the art and working concepts.
What we found:
  - Straight lines - are too perfectly straight and can be of many sizes. (Matilde Q.)
  - Curved lines are straight lines that go all the laps. (Hugo)

  -A spiral is a straigth line giving lots of curves. (Gonçalo)

If the lines were real people, new people were straight lines,  old people were curved lines and the babies were oval. (Diogo)
  - Lines are everywhere (Ricardo)
  - The lines are for writing and drawing. (Daisy)

And from the line, geometry, form and color we made...

środa, 23 marca 2011

Spring in Portugal...

Here in Portugal we do not make a big celebration as you do. I think that next year we will built a "Marzanna" to put in our garden. Here We use to do the "maias" to the first of May. When it arrives we will present it to you.
For sometime now we had pay atention to all signes that surround us, that show  that spring was comming. Do you want to see how it was?

Temperature is growing up (20 degreees today), and flowers are all arround. Some poeple begin to go to the beach to get some sun, and we pass lots of time playing outside. Happy times begin now!

wtorek, 22 marca 2011

First day of spring in Poland

One day we took many materials and created a big doll .

In Poland this is a simbol of spring coming and we call it Marzanna.
At 21 march- first day of spring we went to the center of our town. We met there many kids from other kindergartens. They had their Marzannas too.
We were singing songs about spring and says " go away winter"
We went for the meetring to the president of our town.
If You want to see it You can try here:



P.S . And today we have "International Day of Water" :)

niedziela, 13 marca 2011

Water fountain at the class

We made our own fountain. We like to watch it.
Destcription of this experiment You can find here:http://www.elmhurst.edu/~chm/demos/bottlefountain2.htm
And now lets look how we did it:

Now we are using it as a water clock :)

sobota, 12 marca 2011

Carnival in Valejas...

Carnival in Portugal is an old tradition.
We use to celebrate it in the 5 days before the lent.
During those days we eat fat meet boiled with vegetables, fried sweets, and all kind of fat food, for the next 40 days of lent we will eat only thin aliments. We also use to make treats to friends. On Sunday afternoon and night, all the village people, use to "assault" one of the village families. Young people from the village went to one house and made the "robbery". They celebrate together eating all that they can.
Until Tuesday people enjoy themselves playing, and walking around the village. On Tuesday night, we use to buried the carnival, and during the funeral people did not speak or laugh. We use it to make the entrance of the lent.
In our school we also enjoy the Carnival.
This year, as the sun was shining, we all made a parade in the village. It was really fun. Do you want to see how it was?
We hope you enjoy it so much as we did...

poniedziałek, 7 marca 2011

środa, 23 lutego 2011

Water III - Measuring the rain

As the rain never stoped and it was too cold, it was not possible to go outside to experiment thr shapes of the water, we decided to measure the rain, as if we had an hygrometer. So, we put a box outside to catch the rain, for four consecutive days. Then we count the number of cups that rained each day, we register them in a paper and we made a grafic.
Here is our work...

wtorek, 15 lutego 2011

logo of the project

We have some propositions of logo for our project. Wchich one do You like? Maybe You have some other suggestions?

poniedziałek, 14 lutego 2011

Water II - Water states

Water is still in the order of the daily work. They really enjoy to make experiences and  look for conclusions.
This time we try to learn the states of water. So we hear and work a poem from a Portuguese poet, Papiliano Carlos, "Little miss water drop", that speak about the trip of a small drop of water, since she fallow from the cloud where she lived, until she went back into the sky again.
 We also saw a small video about the water cicle.

Finely we made some experiences about water in liquid, solid and gasous state.
And we made a little video about all the work. Do you want to see it? So here it is...

piątek, 11 lutego 2011

News from Poland

It is time for us to show how we worked last days.We made experiments with water too. It was really great fun and good lesson:

niedziela, 6 lutego 2011

Water... The first experiences!

We have made some experiences with water. We try to find the properties of the water.
First we taste the water. It has no taste. It also does not has any smell or color.
Then we mix some salt. We mix it and it desapear. We learn that it melted in the water. We taste again and it was salty. We have done the same with sugar and the water became sweet. We also mixed some lemon juice and it became bitter. We joint some sugar and it became lemonade. Mnham, mnham... It was delicious.
Then we mix some liquid caramel and some red paint for food, and the water became brown and red.
So we could conclude that: Water has no taste, no smell and no color.
Salt and suger can solv in water.
Water gets the color of the ingridients that you mix in it.
We enjoy very much to do this experience, for we have learn a lot of new things about water!!!
Do you want to see what we have learn?

niedziela, 30 stycznia 2011

I just made a new Voki. See it here: Portuguese Marie Currie

Hello! This is our Portuguese Marie Currie. She is five years old, She lives in a distant country named Polland, in Warsow, the main town. She likes to Play, to travel, to ear stories, but the thing she likes best is to experiment new things. She told us that she thinks that when she is big she will be a cientist, and she invited us to play to scientists with her. So, tomorrow we shall begin our expiriences!
See you tomorrow then!

Our group

You know our faces and names from the last year. We are the same group. But we are one year older now . We have changed a little bit.
This is a presentation which our parents got from us for Christmas. It is end of January but we still have Christmass time so we are inviting You to watch how we played in angels. Are we grow up?

And this is our class before Christmass:

Fire place is made of shelf and tecture box. The fire is fake of course. This is just a salt lamp. We like our fire place and we think that after Chritmass time it will stayed with us.It looks nice specially in the dark.

sobota, 29 stycznia 2011

Colors and sound

Colors still are in the order of the day . So we keep on experimenting secondary colors. This time we paint, but not as we just want to. We had three chalenges ahead.
1st - We could not speak
2nd - We had to ear Mozart´s music and paint at the sound of the music
3th - We only could chose three colors of the same famelly
4th - We had to paint all the paper leave, to full all the paper.

It was a charm... Where do they keep such criativity?
Do you want to see how it run? So look carrefully!

And now in Portuguese

So, did you enjoyed it?

niedziela, 23 stycznia 2011

Discovering Secondary Colors...

While we are waiting for the time to begin with our cientific experiences, we are making some experiments with colors. Do you what to see what we are doing?

See you soon!
Have a nice week!
Maria and children from Little Stars Classroom

poniedziałek, 17 stycznia 2011


Hello friends!
He are so happy to meet you here...
Thank you for the lovely, magic song. We really enjoy ear you, and tomorrow he will learn it, and sing it in Portuguese for you.
We really like the words you try to teatch us, but is too dificult for us. Maybe we could learn the numbers, but you have to speak slowly, for our two languages are so diferent that, if you speak too kwickly we are not abble to learn.
As we promiss you here go our presentation...
See you soon...

Maria and little stars

niedziela, 16 stycznia 2011


Hello it is really nice to see You here.
For the begining of the project we would like to start with something for integration. Here it is our favourite song . We know it in polish and english. Here it is an english version:

Words: Who knows , who knows magic number seven?

Who knows, who knows magic number seven?

This is one.

This is two.

This is three.This is four.This is five. This is six. This is seven.

Do you like it? So lets see how we sing it in our language-polish.

If You like to learn it in polish here You heve words sentence by sentence:

and once again:

Czy znasz, czy znasz magiczną liczbę siedem?

Czy znasz, czy znasz magiczną liczbę siedem?

To jest jeden.

To jest dwa. To jest trzy. To jest cztery. TO jest pięć. To jest sześć. To jest siedem.

And how it will be in Your language? Would You like to try sing it in portugiese?

niedziela, 9 stycznia 2011


We are the 25 children of " little stars classroom", from Lisbon, Portugal, and we are here to present you our new etwinnig project "The four elements in the kindergarden", a scienc project that we are ansious to begin. We are going to work with our friends from Lublin. We like a lot to work with them.
Later we shall present ourselves to you.
See you later!