niedziela, 30 stycznia 2011

I just made a new Voki. See it here: Portuguese Marie Currie

Hello! This is our Portuguese Marie Currie. She is five years old, She lives in a distant country named Polland, in Warsow, the main town. She likes to Play, to travel, to ear stories, but the thing she likes best is to experiment new things. She told us that she thinks that when she is big she will be a cientist, and she invited us to play to scientists with her. So, tomorrow we shall begin our expiriences!
See you tomorrow then!

Our group

You know our faces and names from the last year. We are the same group. But we are one year older now . We have changed a little bit.
This is a presentation which our parents got from us for Christmas. It is end of January but we still have Christmass time so we are inviting You to watch how we played in angels. Are we grow up?

And this is our class before Christmass:

Fire place is made of shelf and tecture box. The fire is fake of course. This is just a salt lamp. We like our fire place and we think that after Chritmass time it will stayed with us.It looks nice specially in the dark.

sobota, 29 stycznia 2011

Colors and sound

Colors still are in the order of the day . So we keep on experimenting secondary colors. This time we paint, but not as we just want to. We had three chalenges ahead.
1st - We could not speak
2nd - We had to ear Mozart´s music and paint at the sound of the music
3th - We only could chose three colors of the same famelly
4th - We had to paint all the paper leave, to full all the paper.

It was a charm... Where do they keep such criativity?
Do you want to see how it run? So look carrefully!

And now in Portuguese

So, did you enjoyed it?

niedziela, 23 stycznia 2011

Discovering Secondary Colors...

While we are waiting for the time to begin with our cientific experiences, we are making some experiments with colors. Do you what to see what we are doing?

See you soon!
Have a nice week!
Maria and children from Little Stars Classroom

poniedziałek, 17 stycznia 2011


Hello friends!
He are so happy to meet you here...
Thank you for the lovely, magic song. We really enjoy ear you, and tomorrow he will learn it, and sing it in Portuguese for you.
We really like the words you try to teatch us, but is too dificult for us. Maybe we could learn the numbers, but you have to speak slowly, for our two languages are so diferent that, if you speak too kwickly we are not abble to learn.
As we promiss you here go our presentation...
See you soon...

Maria and little stars

niedziela, 16 stycznia 2011


Hello it is really nice to see You here.
For the begining of the project we would like to start with something for integration. Here it is our favourite song . We know it in polish and english. Here it is an english version:

Words: Who knows , who knows magic number seven?

Who knows, who knows magic number seven?

This is one.

This is two.

This is three.This is four.This is five. This is six. This is seven.

Do you like it? So lets see how we sing it in our language-polish.

If You like to learn it in polish here You heve words sentence by sentence:

and once again:

Czy znasz, czy znasz magiczną liczbę siedem?

Czy znasz, czy znasz magiczną liczbę siedem?

To jest jeden.

To jest dwa. To jest trzy. To jest cztery. TO jest pięć. To jest sześć. To jest siedem.

And how it will be in Your language? Would You like to try sing it in portugiese?

niedziela, 9 stycznia 2011


We are the 25 children of " little stars classroom", from Lisbon, Portugal, and we are here to present you our new etwinnig project "The four elements in the kindergarden", a scienc project that we are ansious to begin. We are going to work with our friends from Lublin. We like a lot to work with them.
Later we shall present ourselves to you.
See you later!