poniedziałek, 25 kwietnia 2011

Water IV - Floating and measuring

Hello friends
How are you?
We are well, and tomorrow we return back to school, after Easter. This week is a busy week for us, for we have mother day next week-end. So we are not abble to work in the project this week. We will begin the trip to the earth next week. But we still have some water expiriences to post so we are going to do it. We will post two expiriences today, and other two tomorrow. But this are not chemestry expiriences. These are phisics expiriences. Do you know why? We will tell you the answerd in the end of the week because we shall do a chemestry present to our mum´s.
The first expirience is about floating. What do people mean when they say that it floats?
Do you want to see?
We conclude that:
An object floats in the water if it does not go to the bottom.
The flutuation on the water depends on the objects.
Objects with identical shapes and sizes may float or not.

The second expirience was about measuring the water.
We conclude that:
Water was no shape. It adapts to the shape of the container.
The same amount of water can take diferents heigths, depending on the countaired that is placed.
When we change the water from a countainer to another, the amount does not change.

poniedziałek, 18 kwietnia 2011

New challenge...

Can you explain me the diference between phisics and chemestry?

Recepy to do an Easter rabbit from a square towel...

To make an easter rabbit we need:
A square towel
Two buttons from one color
A button from a diferent color
Some straw to make bunny whiskers
Two round elastic.

1 - Scrolls the towel from one of the vertices to the opposite vertex.

2,3 - Put one of the elastic at the base of the ears to form the head and the other at the base of the head to form the belly.

4 -  glue the eyes and nose and whiskers
5 - Put an Easter egg in the belly.
Here it is...


Did you undestand how to do it?
Have a nice Easter

niedziela, 17 kwietnia 2011

It is not scientific, but it was really magic! Our Easter...

Last friday we had a very good surprise. When, during the morning Hugo went to the computer to open the daily mail, He found a message from the Easter bunny saying that, during the nigth, we passed in our kindergarten, and he left hidden in the garden some easter egs for us. We were really happy with the new and we went into the garden to look for them...

niedziela, 10 kwietnia 2011

Where does the water in the crop come from?

Some time ago we were at the trip to the place where water is pourified.We could see how many persons and machines should work to deliver water to our houses.