poniedziałek, 30 maja 2011


We also begin talking about earth...
Here is what we have spoke and done...
We hope you like it!
Have a nice day tomorrow.

sobota, 28 maja 2011

Experiencing at same time, in direct and 400 km away...

Making use of some resouses and new tools that ICT give us, and  as both classes are working the same theme "International chemestry Year" the children from St. Benedict Kindergarden in Lisbon and the children of  a kindergarten in the north of the country, 400 km away from us, share an experiment by videoconference, using skype.
Now we are looking foward to meet you!

niedziela, 15 maja 2011

"growing up"-observing a miracle

This plant is very delicious to salads. Kids like it with bun, butter and salt .

Enjoy Your meal ;)

We called it rzeżucha. (It is very difficould word). In english it is watercress.

Do you know this plant in Portugal?

wtorek, 10 maja 2011


We started experiments with the ground

Our favourite is planting. We like sow and water plants and looking how it grows.

We will have many plants to our garden :)

piątek, 6 maja 2011

how to make a crystal

We tryed to make our own crystals.
At first we put water to the glass.
Than we put more salt and melt it in the water.
Next we put a wooden stick at the top of the glass and put a small rope at the stick and inside the water.

We had to wait for couple days and look what we get:

We wanted to make also crystals with the sugar but it didn't grow up at our class :)

Europe´s day

Yesterday it was the 5th May - Europe´s day, so we think and speak a lot about you. We really wanted to prepare a special gift to you... But what? while we were discusting we found somethink in you tube that I think you will like, and understand very well. Were it is for you!

This is a portuguese song that we really like...
And now... specially for you...


środa, 4 maja 2011

Water... The last experiences.

We are finishing the water expiriences...
To close the subject we did three more experiments. In the first one we had to explain why fish do not sink, the second one was to understand the air pressure and the third one is... Surprise!
We hope you like and understand them... and,...
These are not chemestry experiments, but they are phisics experiments... Why?
We will explain to you, sonner, OK?